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Durability of UHU adhesives

In general, the minimum durability of UHU adhesives is given as 2 years. Exceptions are all superglue. For superglue the minimum durability is 1 year. The expiration of the minimum shelf life begins with the date of manufacture. The exact date of manufacture can be determined as follows:

Locate production code

Each adhesive contains a 4-digit production code. The code is usually located directly on the product, not on the outer packaging. In our example (UHU plus endfest 300 tube) the code was printed on the tube fold. For other adhesives, the code may also have been punched on.

Decrypt the code

The code in our example is 5317. The first digit "5" indicates the year of production:

 5317 = year of production 2015

The following three digits "317" indicate the production day:

 5317 = Produced on 317th day of2015

The adhesive with production code 5317 was produced on the 317th day of 2015. The adhesive was manufactured on 13.11.2015

Shelf life to be added 

As mentioned in the first section, the minimum shelf life of UHU adhesives is 2 years (excluding one-year superglue). In our example UHU plus endfest 300, this results in a minimum durability until 13.11.2017.

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